At 56 years of age I experienced severe burn out from a highly stressful job of twenty years. My health was in serious decline and I dragged myself through life. Physically and emotionally drained, I had severe osteoporosis in my left hip and spine, incontinence issues, no sex drive, and my brain felt foggy and fried. My body felt like a car trying to run on gasoline alone with no oil and I literally felt like I was drying up inside.

I felt crazy and could barely keep a lid on the unpredictable emotional ups and downs in my work and personal life. My doctor treated me with a standard protocol for adrenal fatigue but I continued to have dangerously high levels of cortisol and felt bombarded by life. Even with no energy and completely exhausted, sleep eluded me and once I fell asleep, I couldn’t stay asleep.


I went through menopause at 46 and was uninformed about the process.   The controversy over side effects, chemical vs. natural–it seemed like no one really knew what to use or how to use it. I researched as much as possible so I could chart a course for myself, but the vast amounts of conflicting information left me overwhelmed. For years I had trouble locating the right doctor. I found some relief from specialists, including a urologist, neurologist, rheumatologist, chiropractor, and counselor, but I could not find anyone who knew how to integrate my emotional and physical symptoms and treat me as a whole person.

My visit to Mia at her Center for Hormone and Nutritional Balance gave me a platform that helped me understand the physical and emotional overlap in my life. I finally felt empowered as I learned what was mine to change and what was my doctor’s to support and address. And, there were immediate positive results! I experienced restful and rejuvenating sleep for the first time in years. My physical edginess began to diminish. My general brain function increased and I could drive my car again with confidence. Over time I healed, and in the process, discovered positive parts of myself I had never known. Today I am so grateful for my intuition and determination to find the help I needed with a wise practitioner who listened and successfully helped heal my physical, emotional, and spiritual being.

Thank you, Mia. Sincerely, K.M.