Mia Lundin quite literally saved my life! Due to a hormone and neurotransmitter imbalance and an undetected bacterial infection, I went from being an articulate, polished, six figure income professional to completely unable to function professionally or personally.

I was experiencing acute and chronic anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia, memory loss, heart palpitations, incessant crying, emotional instability, and impaired speech and hearing to such a degree of severity that I was unable to perform simple daily tasks, make decisions or take care of myself.

It was without a doubt the most terrifying experience I have ever had in my life as I was completely unable to control these debilitating conditions that were robbing me of my life and ME. Prior to this time, for my entire life, I had been an independent, self sufficient and very much in control professional woman. I could not understand or get a handle on what was happening to me, and the trauma, suffering and out of control conditions that were occurring in my body and mind were rendering me completely helpless and hopeless. In addition to the physically debilitating conditions I was experiencing, I became so despondent because I thought that I had become severely mentally ill and would never be able to return to normal life again. The afternoon I sat in Mia’s office, my symptoms were so severe; I literally thought I was dying.

Mia immediately recognized my level of distress and calmly took control, assessed my condition, and then with authority yet compassion assured me that I was not dying or mentally ill and that I would feel better the next day by following her prescribed protocol. She recognized that I was unable to think clearly or make any decisions, and lovingly just took complete care of me, which is exactly what I needed that terrifying afternoon. I sat and cried uncontrollably at the thought of finally being rid of this torment that had wrecked my life. She formulated a plan for my recovery that literally gave me my life back.

Mia’s unique and rare combination of personal experience, wisdom, knowledge, research and years of working closely and compassionately with her patients enables her to provide life changing care and advice to her patients that, in my opinion, most other doctors and health care practioners are unable or unwilling to offer. She sees and gets the whole picture, and all of the complexities of how hormones, neurotransmitters, nutrition and gut health all integrate to create health or illness. Mia’s open attitude and combination of both standard medical treatment, when necessary, and alternative forms of healing enable her to offer her patients total wellness and healing, as opposed to piece meal bits of information and treatment from several different “specialists” who only work in their narrow and specific area of expertise.   Of all the numerous other health care practioners I have been to over the last 20 years (and been blown off by or misdiagnosed),

Mia truly is the only person I have seen who is in touch with all of the numerous and complex issues that profoundly affect the quality of life.  Besides her incredible breadth of professional knowledge and experience, Mia’s authentic compassion, unconditional commitment to her patients and very personal understanding of what women go through is what truly sets her above everyone else. I owe my physical and mental health and recovery from unspeakable suffering to Mia.

My Gratitude to Mia extends beyond what can be expressed in words.