After many years of searching for answers to my health problems, I finally found Mia Lundin.  From the first five minutes with her I knew she was different from all the other doctors and medical providers I had previously tried.  She explained in simple terms what was causing my symptoms –  it was not all “in my head” as I had been told so many times before.

She did not treat me with condescension or was quick to prescribe a drug and get me out the door.  She has turned my life around for the better.  I refer all my friends to her; I know she is capable of handling the worst cases.

Mia Lundin provides the highest quality medical care to her patients by listening, using the most current, up-to-date information on hormone replacement therapy and genuinely caring.  She knows how to sift through a patient’s list of symptoms, tailor treatment to meet the needs of the patient and follow through for lasting results.  She is honest.  She is patient.  She knows when to refer to other medical specialists when warranted.

Now, more than ever, is the time for women to take personal action and responsibility to help their medical providers meet their needs.  Mia provides the knowledge and tools to do this.

Ms. Collin

October 17, 2002