Your monthly symptom tracker


Your symptoms are the key to figuring out what is going on inside your body and mind. Blood, saliva and urine tests may help identify your hormone and brain chemical levels, but how you feel right now is what really counts. There is a lot you can do right now without sending away for lab kits or even visiting your doctor.

Use the MONTHLY SYMPTOM TRACKER as a tool to help you keep track of what you feel on a daily basis. It allows you to see patterns-the ups and downs of your emotional sate-throughout the month. This will help you identify your current hormonal phase and emotional type, so you can begin to build your Emotional Rescue Plan.

Download your monthly symptom tracker here.


The Monthly symptom tracker will make it easier for you to design your Emotional Rescue Plan tailored to your unique situation. It is best to use the book to correspond with the individual chapters, but the worksheet is useful in the architectural design of your rescue plan. You will learn the exact hormones, nutritional supplements, foods and lifestyle changes you need to break out of your discomfort and launch into an emotionally stable, satisfying, and healthy life.

Learn more about designing your rescue plan in Female Brain Gone Insane.