Bio-Identical hormones to the rescue

Herbs and plants grow in nature and are natural in their own habitats. However, they are not a natural part of our bodies.

By taking herbs such as red clover, black cohosh, and dong quai to alleviate symptoms of hormonal imbalance, you are not treating the cause, which is a lack of your naturally occurring female hormones.

The most natural hormone replacement therapy would be to bottle up our own hormones during our reproductive years and inject them back into our bodies after menopause. In ancient China, the older women suffering from menopausal symptoms drank younger women’s urine to alleviate symptoms. This actually worked because women in their reproductive year do excrete estrogens in their urine! Since we do not (yet) follow those practices in the western world today, the closest we can get to applying, ingesting, or injecting what is natural to our human bodies, is through bio-identical hormones. The molecules of the bio-identical hormone look identical to the molecules of the hormones our ovaries used to make in great quantity.

Interestingly, bio-identical hormones are made in the laboratory. Yes, they are derived from plant sources, meaning the plant hormone is extracted from the plant and then synthesized or tweaked in lab, to look exactly like the hormones made by your ovaries. Analogously, these hormones are the right key for the right lock. Your body says, “Hello. I recognize you.” Then the bio-identical hormone key finds the receptor, unlocks it and voila. Once the hormones are in place, your body can stop screaming for what it needs and can shift back into balance. You feel good again. To hit home the point: bio-identical hormone replacement therapy essentially puts back hormones that perfectly fit into our cell receptors, and the body welcomes them back as if they were your own.

Bio-identical hormones do not have to be compounded by a pharmacy they are available in commercially made gels, patches and pills. However, compounding pharmacies can compound specific dosages that are not available commercially.



Synthetic hormones are man-made and do not resemble anything from nature. They are not hormones, they are drugs. Since drug companies cannot patent bio-identical hormones, they add synthetic molecules to bio-identical hormones to create an end product that looks different from nature and can therefore be patented. However, your body knows it isn’t the real deal. It is a sorry state of affairs because bio-identical hormones are readily available for doctors by prescription, at any regular or compounding pharmacy, yet doctors continue to prescribe women estrogen derived from horse urine and synthetic progesterone.

As the name implies, Pre-mar-in is derived from the urine of pregnant mares, who are kept in tight quarters where the urine is collected through a catheter inserted in the horse’s bladder. So the estrogens are natural to horses, not to women! It’s probably a great treatment for menopause if you have four hooves and a tail, but you don’t.

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HORMONES keep you alive!

In recent years, hormones have been the subject of bad press. Of course, everything in the media is about getting attention. The truth can be twisted in ways to get attention! Beware of what you believe. Most reports are from studies that used synthetic hormones and combinations that are not natural to your body and state of health. The NIH study caused the biggest upset in medicine which led to millions of women suddenly stopping their hormone therapy in fear of getting heart attacks and cancer. What emerged later was that the SYNTHETIC (artificial, non natural hormone PROVERA) was the biggest culprit in the adverse findings.

Are Hormones Safe, by Mia Lundin

Are you worried about developing breast cancer, or have been told not to take hormones as they will cause breast cancer. Your anxiety may be misplaced. Your risk of having breast cancer is far lower than your risk of having or dying from cardiovascular disease. Heart disease is responsible for more deaths in women than all forms of cancer combined and is the most significant health concern for women in the United States today, causing nearly 350,000 deaths each year compared to only 40,000 from breast cancer…>>more

Timing of HT found key to its risks and benefits

Compared with women who did not take hormone therapy, younger women and those who were newly menopausal experienced 10 fewer diagnoses of diabetes per 1,000 women, 4 fewer cases of heart disease (among those on estrogen only), 5 fewer bone fractures, and 2 fewer cases of colon cancer per 1,000 women (among those on estrogen plus progestin only). Risks associated with menopausal hormone therapy included gallbladder disease (10 more per 1,000 women), blood clots in the legs and lungs (5 more women), and stroke (2 more women).Women who were on estrogen therapy alone had no increased risk of developing breast cancer, but there were 7 more cases of breast cancer per 1,000 women among those who took estrogen and progestin for 5 years, compared with non–HT users..>> more


Risks and Benefits of Premarin alone vs Premarin and synthetic progesterone.

Notice on slide 4 how women who used estrogen alone without synthetic progesterone the reduced risks of Breast cancer, cardiovascular disease, stroke , fractures, diabetes and overall death! View  PowerPoint slides


Bioidentical hormones are again shown be superior to synthetic hormones, and this is continuing proof that bioidentical hormones are not associated with breast cancer while synthetic versions significantly increase the risk of breast cancer.Unequal risks for breast cancer associated with different hormone replacementtherapies: results from the E3N cohort study. Bioidentical hormones are again shown be superior to synthetic hormones.>>>More