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Nurse Practitioner

Mia Lundin is now offering phone and Skype consultations. You can book your appointment yourself online. If you choose to do a phone consult, Mia will call you at the time of your appointment. Please read the following before you consider booking an appointment During the appointment, Mia... Read More


Mia Lundin is the author of the book Female Brain Gone Insane, An Emergency Guide For Women Who Feel Like They are Falling Apart. This is the first book to tackle the emotional symptoms and issues associated with hormone and brain-chemistry imbalances while providing you the same wisdom, advice,... Read More


Mia Lundin is a sought-after speaker in her field. Her subjects are bioidentical hormones, treating depression naturally and above all; what women can do to find  hormonal balance and well-being. Mia makes customized lectures for healthcare professionals, organizations and businesses, but also... Read More