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Are You Suffering from Low Serotonin? Understand the Symptoms & What You Can Do About It

Did you know that serotonin imbalance is one of the most common contributors to mood disorders? Did you also know that some experts believe that low serotonin has become a virtual epidemic in Western society? In fact, SSRIs, selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, commonly called... Read More

Depression in Women: The Causes & Solutions

During the different hormone phases of life, women often experience dips and changes in their mood. During times of PMS, just prior to the onset of their period, for example, women often complain of feeling irritable, angry, and edgy, juxtaposed with feelings of sadness, weepiness, and... Read More

I Can't Sleep! Natural Remedies for Insomnia

Without question, one of the more debilitating and difficult symptoms for women to manage during times of stress and hormone imbalance is insomnia. Not only does insomnia sap your quality of life, but if not addressed properly it can become chronic, putting you at risk for other serious health... Read More

Hypothyroidism – What is it and What Can You Do?

Hypothyroidism, or under-active thyroid function, has reached a near epidemic in modern, western culture, with more than 59 million people suffering with it. Many women, especially those in their peri-menopausal and post-menopausal years, suffer with hypothyroidism, yet are often... Read More

Are You in Perimenopause or Menopause?

The terms perimenopause and menopause are often used interchangeably.  But in actuality, they are two very different experiences. The word menopause comes from the Greek words mens, meaning monthly, and pausis, which means cessation.  True menopause, which occurs on average, around the age of... Read More

Perimenopause and the Emotional Rollercoaster

Very often when women are in perimenopause they are bewildered and mystified by what appears to be a sudden and unexpected onset of symptoms.  Night sweats, hot flashes, raging mood swings, uncontrollable crying, depression and anxiety seem to come out of nowhere. That is because despite the... Read More