Bravo for Mia! This book is going to help many women.

Mia Lundin’s first book, Female Brain Gone Insane, is a little gem
amidst all the various publications regarding women, menopause and hormone
replacement therapy. If you’ve been through a rough menopause then you know
that the title is all too accurate. This book is multifaceted, acting as a
text filled with important information, a workbook to keep the reader
organized, a clinical guide to help you sort through your own uniqueness and
it is also a universal story of how many women in the modern world
experience menopause. You’ll learn what each of your hormones and
neurotransmitters (brain chemicals) do in a way that is clear, relevant and
easy to understand. Mia also emphasizes the role that stress plays in one’s
life and how it may be profoundly aggravating your symptoms. The importance
of nutrition and diet is explained and sound advice is given as to which
nutrients and foods may be helpful to you. The book also clarifies the
difference between bio-identical hormones and their synthetic analogues.
Mia’s practical spiritual guidance takes you by the hand so that you don’t
feel alone on your inner journey and she helps you work your way through the
modern medical maze and all the conflicting advice that is out there.
This is a great book and an important practical guide that covers
all of the bases. If you or a loved one is starting to experience the
imbalances that can occur during the menopause years, then read this book
and you’ll know how to begin to heal, come back into balance and regain your
normal sense of self. Bravo for Mia! This book is going to help many women.

Kenneth R. Kafka, MD
Diplomate, American Board of Internal Medicine
Diplomate, American Board of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine