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The Award Winning Book

Female Brain Gone Insane:

An Emergency Guide For Women Who Feel Like They Are Falling Apart

Four Steps to Sanity – No doctors, No Antidepressants, No Fuss.

Now also available in French and soon in Chinese!

Are you one of the millions of women who feel like there is a giant boulder strapped to your back? You are overly exhausted but can’t sleep. You find absolutely no joy in anything you do, or in the people around you. You are forgetful and easily confused. You are overwhelmed, anxious, and emotionally bankrupt. In general, you feel like crap. Your doctor has told you itís all in your head and you feel like you are going insane!

Mia Lundin has heard all of this before and knows exactly how to help. She has treated and cured more than 3,000 women of all ages and stages of life who felt like they were “losing it” and who were initially misdiagnosed and prescribed pointless anti-depressants or one-size-fits-all HRT by busy doctors. After considering the whole woman and the lifestyle that she lives, Mia revealed the culprit in almost all of her cases to be a combination of brain chemistry and hormone imbalance. Never a standardized solution, Female Brain Gone Insane is the first book to tackle the emotional symptoms and issues associated with hormone and brain-chemistry imbalances while providing you the same wisdom, advice, and results that Mia’s patients receive through her private practice.

The easiest and most compassionate program you’ll ever find, Female Brain Gone Insane will guide you step by step through the scary maze of self-doubt and fear. You will learn how to listen to and identify your own symptoms to get started on your emotional rescue plan and take action toward sanity right now.

Female Brain Gone Insane: Won the National Health Information Awards Program, 2010.

PRESS RELEASE: Female Brain Gone Insane was selected winner in the 17th annual National Health Information Awards. This program recognizes the nation’s best consumer health information programs and materials.

Female Brain Gone Insane received a Silver award for the category of Consumer Decision Making Information.

“I was delighted to participate in the National Health Information Award Program and I am honored to be selected a winner,” said Mia Lundin. “Our winning entry was chosen from more than 1000 entries judged by a panel of health information experts.”

In addition to being the author of the book Female Brain Gone Insane, Mia Lundin is also a Nurse Practitioner in private practice and the founder of The Center for Hormonal and Nutritional Balance Inc, located in Santa Barbara, California.

Her practice specializes in treating hormonal imbalances (PMS, postpartum depression, perimenopause and menopause) and the effect hormonal fluctuations have on the brain chemistry. In her 21 years as a nurse practitioner, Lundin has successfully balanced thousands of women to enable them to regain control over their emotional and physical health.

The awards program is coordinated by The Health Information Resource Center, a national clearinghouse for consumer health information programs and materials.


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