img-11Ms. Lundin is a registered nurse, nurse practitioner, an award winning author, educator, inspirational speaker and international leader in her field. Through her private practice, education efforts, writing, research and advocacy, she empowers women who feel like they are falling apart, losing it, or going “insane” and focuses on the emotional symptoms of hormone and brain chemistry imbalances associated with the combination of stress-filled lives and hormonal transitions such as PMS, perimenopause, menopause, and post menopause.

In May 2014, she closed her practice to focus on lecturing and writing another book. Mia Lundin is now offering phone and Skype consultations. To schedule an appointment, please click here.

Her medical expertise, fresh perspective, personal experience, and passion to improve women’s health make her uniquely suited as a thought leader in the field of women’s hormones and brain chemistry.

Lundin graduated as a registered nurse from the Ugglevik School of Stockholm and went on to earn a degree as a Certified Nurse Practitioner in obstetrics and gynecology from Harbor UCLA Medical Center. She settled in Santa Barbara, California, and became the founder and director of a thriving private health care practice, The Center for Hormonal and Nutritional Balance Inc., which attracts women from around the world. On a daily basis her patients ask, “Why didn’t my doctor tell me this?” and the relief they feel after diagnosis and treatment is nothing short of miraculous.

Lundin has successfully inspired and “balanced” thousands of women using her own treatment protocol, which combines bio-identical hormones, nutritional supplements including targeted amino acid therapy, mood food, and lifestyle changes. After two decades of listening to and treating women who have been “falling apart,” she knows intimately and can speak directly to their many questions including: “Why do I feel like I am losing it? “ How can I cope with the emotional changes I am experiencing?” and “Will I ever feel like myself again?”

Over the years, Lundin has developed an effective way to transmit complex scientific information and has designed practical and empowering guidelines that women can follow and apply to vastly improve the quality of their lives. This commitment to education inspired her to write The Female Brain Gone Insane, with a firm determination that her true calling is to share her knowledge and rescue recipes with woman everywhere.

  • As a nurse practitioner, she is highly trusted and is known to listen and spend more time with each of her patients than most M.D.s.
  • She has two decades of experience treating thousands of women. She knows their frustrations. She knows what they are seeking. As a woman, she is intimately familiar with the effects of hormones and nutrition on her own body and can speak from personal as well as professional experience.
  • She believes in identifying the underlying causes of emotional symptoms and addressing women’s unique bio-chemical composition with a new and unconventional approach to integrating bio-identical hormones, targeted amino acid therapy, and other nutritional supplements.
  • She lives and breathes this topic and is fully prepared for any discussion/argument about it.
  • he is often the ‘last stop doc’ and successfully treats patients who have lost hope in a seemingly endless search for answers and relief.
  • Medical doctors in the community refer patients to her on a regular basis
  • Mia Lundin is a sought after speaker in public forums on subjects such as hormones, moods and behavior. She has lectured internationally to health care professionals in Geneva, Switzerland and Paris.
  • She lives with her husband Tom and their dogs Abbey and Buddy Guy in Altadena, California. Together they have 5 grown children.